Petite Fashion

Here is a fact, lovely captains: I am 4″11. Life’s beautiful for petite girls, but there are some fashion looks that flatter and some that don’t. Here are my tips and tricks, picked up over two or so years of actively engaging with fashion.

Fashion blogger inspiration: Bonnie Barton, Sea of Shoes

Celebrity Inspirations: Lucy Hale, Rachel Bilson, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Zooey Deschanel

Brands: Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Brandy Melville


-Wear fitted clothing. I naturally gravitate toward loose, flowy clothing, and certainly still wear loose and/or oversized clothing frequently. But at least add fitted attire to your rotation –  it gives your form the shape and definition that it needs. Think denim, cropped blazers and jackets, pencil skirts, leggings, and mini-dresses.

-Wear maxi dresses and skirts – when I said fitted, I didn’t mean you couldn’t wear flowing skirts. Maxi dresses and skirts create longer lines.

-Choose shorts paired with leggings, and above-the-knee skirts, over jeans and longer skirts. I love jeans. I still wear them 5 days out of 7. But that doesn’t mean I’m not aware that shorts or short skirts (with or without leggings, though I prefer leggings for comfort and modesty’s sake) are both infinitely more flattering to a petite figure than jeans and long skirts. Petite women in some ways have far more versatility in their wardrobe than women with say, bustier figures – but because there’s not a whole lot to us, it’s all the more important that the body shape be given lines and definition – and one of those ways is to emphasize where your legs begin by wearing a short skirt or shorts, “cutting up” your body in a sense. Trust me. It will pay off.

-Just for the record, this is my absolute favorite outfit of all time, ever seen on the web ever.  The end. Take from it what inspiration you will.


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