Coconut Oil for Skin: A Review

coconut oil skin review

Coconut oil: Full of proteins that rejuvenate skin,  saturated fats that moisturize and reduce pores, and Vitamin E that helps repair and maintain skin, coconut oil contains everything the skin needs to maintain health. Government studies have concluded it’s both effective and safe as a moisturizer.

I’ve been experimenting with oils for a month or so as part of my skincare routine, to replace moisturizers and perhaps eventually cleansers. I tried coconut oil once before and found it too greasy, but this time around, I realized that the secret was to use only the tiniest amount and to warm it in your hands beforehand. Coconut oil solidifies at room temperature, and when I initially tried it I made the mistake of taking it directly from the jar and attempting to apply it to my face. It didn’t absorb well at all, and I was using far too much, about a tablespoon. Instead, I now take about teaspoon’s worth and rub it between my fingers before applying to face. In a few seconds of brisk rubbing, it melts and liquefies and you can then apply it to your face. I brush it on upward (always apply products in upward strokes on your face if possible, to delay aging and wrinkles). You do need to rub it in quite a bit since it’s not particularly absorbative, having a tendency to stay on the surface of the skin unless you rub it in. Within three days of beginning to use this – in conjunction with a tea tree oil toner – I noticed that my acne had disappeared. The combination of natural, moisturizing coconut oil and blemish-fighting, toning tea tree oil I think had a powerful restorative effect on my skin.

Coconut oil was a great introduction for me to the world of oil skincare, but it wasn’t quite perfect. It is a little hard to rub in – half of it soaks in immediately but the other half tends to stay on the surface, and so will rub off on any surface your face touches such as your pillow. Because of this, it’s only somewhat moisturizing – I recommend using it during the summer as I found that during the winter, when my skin gets parched, this wasn’t enough to keep it hydrated (I do have dry skin however so this might work all-year-round for oily skin). After doing a little research, I found that skin experts call it a very light moisturizer – so again, probably best for people with oily skin. There are some concerns that it’s comodogenic as well (basically contains icky things that can cause blackheads) but I think that would depend on the quality and brand of what you buy.

Pros: Fairly moisturizing, cheap, all-natural, soothing anti-acne effect

Cons: A little greasy, you have to use exactly the right amount for it to absorb, not a great scent


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