Drugstore and Birchbox Face Cleansers to Avoid: Vasanti, Suki Foaming, Garnier Radiance, etc


Disclaimer: I have dry, mildly sensitive, acne-prone skin. Some of these may work well for those with other skin types.

1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser. I LOVE Neutrogena as a brand – I think it’s one of the most effective and least skin-traumatizing out there – but I recommend this for those with normal or oily skin rather than dry. It smells amazing, goes on with a lovely foaming action and leaves you with a great clean feeling, but it did dry out my skin enough that I noticed and felt a little uncomfortable.

2. Simple Foaming Cleanser – this was alright. I will say that it did not break out my skin, but it had no noticeable effect – did nothing to brighten skin or clear up acne, and did dry my skin out just a tiny bit. Again, I respect the brand, and it’s that rare cleanser that’s gentle and hypoallergenic enough for nearly everyone, so try if if you don’t have dry skin.

3. Garnier Radiance Renew Foaming Cleanser – I’d had mixed experiences with Garnier as a brand – I essentially few it as middling, better than some but not as effective as Neutrogena and other brands. This was one of the misses – after one use left my skin dry and stretched.

4. Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. This was a Birchbox product and I hated it. It dried out my skin so much that it itched and I was left rubbing it in discomfort. I love quite a few Birchbox brand makeup products but have had significantly less luck with their skin products – and this is a bestseller, no less! I canceled my Birchbox when I looked through their 2013 bestsellers and realized I’d had a bad experience with most of them.

5. Suki Lemon Foaming Cleanser – another Birchbox product. This smelled amazing and did cleanse my skin well but it is harsh –  not at all suited for sensitive or dry skin, and may even be a stretch for normal. I don’t recommend.


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