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Top 3 Style Blogs

Among the thousands upon thousands of style blogs out there, and the hundreds that I’ve looked at and read over time, I’ve narrowed these three down to my favorite. They all post regularly, feature quirky and unique style that is at least sometimes affordable, and have just incredible, bold fashion that is inspiring to me as I play with my currrent wardrobe and look for new pieces. They also seem like wonderful people as individuals and write with a warm tone t hat draws you in. I can guarantee that one among the following three women will be interesting to you.

1. Extra Petite. Jean is a five-foot-tall Boston-based blogger who writes, you guessed it, mostly about petite fashion. Virtually all the styles she highlights come in all sizes, however, so this one’s for everyone. She loves classic looks but has a versatile range, everything from bright green maxi dresses to the French-inspired look above. Love her.


2. Hapa Time. Jessica specializes in gorgeous, beachy, California looks, though again she has a versatile style with all sorts of trends. I love that the style she wears is mostly affordable, and she has an unerring eye for incredible statement jewelry and just the right accessories.


3.The Clothes Horse. Rebecca is artistic, bi-cultural (Ireland and Pennsylvania), and has amazing style. She gravitates toward dresses and feminine silhouettes for the most part, and pulls off vintage looks as if the clothes were tailor-made for her. I especially love the simple accessories she adds, hats, belts, and invariably great sandals. Check her out!



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