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Mismatch: Peplum Tops

*MisMatch are posts where I highlight a fashion trend, piece, or collection which for some reason I dislike.

The fashion trend that has earned my verbal arrows today is peplum tops. Which I have an irrational hatred dislike for. Do you know who peplum tops look good on? Models. That’s who. And anyone possessed of a model’s body. Everyone else? They just add extra material around the wait and make you look either frumpy or more chunky around the middle. There are a few – a very few – which look good – leather ones with pants aren’t bad, and I don’t mind peplum tops with skirts – but mostly, in my eyes, they’re just tops that throw in extra fabric in an unfortunate spot.

Lulu’s has an entire selection of Peplum tops – what do you think? Yay or nay on peplum?


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