look love / menswear

Look Love, Menswear Edition: Polka Dot Ties

Alexis runs a menswear blog on Tumblr called Fashiz. He recently highlighted the above look on there, which I happen to thoroughly approve of. The three-piece suit in a subtle gray is beautifully cut, and the light purple shirt and green color add color and dimension to a look that might otherwise be too somber. My favorite touch, however, might be the polka dot tie, which I generally hate, but which works here to add a quirky element to an otherwise highly dignified, classy ensemble.

The below outfit features another polka dot tie, which largely works because the polka dots match with the handkerchief (I’m assuming?) tucked into the breast pocket. Note that both ties work because the main color is dark – dark blue above, black here – with the polka dots a lighter color offsetting. If the tie base color was also light – say, white with blue dots – the tie would, in my opinion, come across as frivolous. So moral of the story? It’s fine to add a playful or quirky element to your look, just make sure that the rest of your ensemble is sober, and should a polka dot tie be said playful element, choose the colors wisely.


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