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Look Love: Edward Honaker

Most men, when they try to go fashionable, wind up, in my opinion, just looking like they’re trying too hard. Keep it minimal and keep it classy, if you want to please my eyes (which instantly reject hipsterism, animal prints, and most jewelry, for the record).

Which is why I’m so blown away by Edward Honaker‘s style, because he almost unfailingly comes up with looks that are sharp, stylish, and just damn impressive (and yes, I will say, sexy).

This recent look is one of my very favorites.

Casual blue button-down shirt, made more casual by the rolled-up sleeves and layered with a white tank underneath. Beautiful rust-gold/mustard pants (my favorite item) rolled at the bottom. White and tan converses, and bracelets/watch to add a pop of color to an outfit that could have been too neutral. This is both extremely flattering and shows off an eye for coordination and detail, and simple enough that it can be worn anywhere, including the “about the town” vibe that he’s giving off right now. Love.


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